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The primacy of “being” over “doing”

"What do you think?", "What would you do if you were me?" People often ask for our help, or we realise they need it, and we are convinced that to help a friend, a brother, a person, we need to “do" something. In the book "Meditations", a collection of Chiara Lubich’s very first spiritual writings, we find a few lines where she invites us to change our perspective and aim at the life of God in us. Thus, our love for all others would be His love and not ours. ... Read More
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Journey to Syria – Homs

Travelling from Damascus to Aleppo, you go through Homs. We saw for ourselves what is happening there: the rebuilding and the people’s determination to go back to a normal life in a country where the war is not yet over and rubble blocks roads and hinders lives. We saw what the Focolare is doing through projects run by the Action for a United World (AMU) and the New Families Association (AFN). ... Read More