Seeds of hope

Two days of visits for the General Council of the Focolare to the holy sites - from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to the Cenacle, from the Garden of Olives to Calvary. Highlights included meetings with local leaders to delve into issues of great relevance for the Holy Land. ... Read More

To Nepal to build relationships

The desire to share the discovery that has given meaning and joy to their lives – this is what drives someone to set out to give life to a temporary focolare. This way others too can experience the most beautiful of adventures - living for universal fraternity. ... Read More

Fontem’s present and future

For months we’ve been following apprehensively as the situation evolves at Fontem, the first of the Focolare’s little towns in Africa. We were able to reach Margaret Long and Etienne Kenfack, who speak for the community there and let us know the latest. ... Read More