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Journey to Syria – Aleppo

In the souk in Aleppo we hear form Jalal: war means destruction and loss, that is true, but crossing the threshold of the Focolare we find a home and a community, a refuge and place of comfort, hope and joy, where people support one another in getting up and starting over again. ... Read More
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The gospel lived: where your treasure is, there will be your heart

‘Heart’ refers to that which is our inner most being, what is hidden, what is most alive; ‘treasure’ refers to what has most value, what gives us a sense of security today and for the future. The heart is where all our values lie, where our choices are rooted, the secret place where we work out the meaning of our life: what is our priority? ... Read More
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The primacy of “being” over “doing”

"What do you think?", "What would you do if you were me?" People often ask for our help, or we realise they need it, and we are convinced that to help a friend, a brother, a person, we need to “do" something. In the book "Meditations", a collection of Chiara Lubich’s very first spiritual writings, we find a few lines where she invites us to change our perspective and aim at the life of God in us. Thus, our love for all others would be His love and not ours. ... Read More