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The worldwide campaign “A vaccine for all”

The campaign promoting access for all to Covid-19 vaccines will be launched on 20th May along with a symbolic action to bring healthcare to the native populations of the Amazon. It is sponsored by an international network of organizations from different cultures and religions. ... Read More

Why another biography of Giordani?

(Italiano) L’abbiamo chiesto al prof. Alberto Lo Presti e alla dott.ssa Elena Merli del Centro Igino Giordani che ha curato la stesura di “Igino Giordani un eroe disarmato” (Città Nuova Ed.) ... Read More

Igino Giordani, an unarmed hero

On Sunday, April 18th, Igino Giordani, a politician who inspired the social commitment and ideal choices of many, a writer and journalist, and co-founder of the Focolare Movement, will be remembered through live streaming. The latest biographical book will be presented and a sculpture dedicated to him will be inaugurated. ... Read More