New Generations

Universal Goal = Zero Hunger

The project to defeat world hunger which was initiated by the Focolare Movement’s Youth for Unity  is continuing. On Saturday 16 October 2021, thousands of young people will gather together as a sign of their commitment to this cause.  This event will be live streamed from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm. (Italian time). ... Read More

“My Lebanon”, a Beirut youth initiative

Lebanon: a group of Focolare youth are finding ways to support the Lebnenele (= “my Lebanon”) initiative, which emerged from the October 2019 protests. Through this initiatve, young students have set themselves to help families most in need. ... Read More


(Français) Diffusion internationale en direct en six langues du parcours approfondi de formation, préparé par le mouvement des Focolari, sur l'éducation à la sexualité et à l'affectivité, pour un développement harmonieux de la personne dans toutes ses dimensions, destiné aux enfants, aux jeunes et aux parents. ... Read More