Testimonies of Life

What does happiness taste like?

Gustavo Clarià, an Argentinean focolarino in Lima, recounts an experience that makes this Gospel passage come alive.  It’s  a  story that communicates a sense of joy that comes from small gestures that break down walls between people and make others happy. ... Read More

Living the Gospel: A leap in the dark

Signing a blank cheque, making a leap in the dark ... trusting in God can often appear just too big a challenge to us and we don’t find the courage or strength to try. By recognising how small we are, asking help and allowing someone to take care of us with tenderness, we can find a way to recognise the providential Love of a Father who will never abandon us. And we in turn can circulate this love in the world. ... Read More

Living the Gospel: “Everything contributes to good for those who love God”

A guarantee of love.The certainty that everything in life makes sense. In this sentence from the letter to the Romans (Rom. 8:28), Saint Paul, reveals to us how much every human experience, from the most beautiful to the most complicated, is part of a greater plan, a plan of salvation. The key to accepting this idea is to entrust ourselves to the Father and trust him. ... Read More