Testimonies of Life

Living the Gospel: changing our outlook

Living for unity means contributing to it personally, on a daily basis, starting with relationships in the family, at work, certain that this transforms situations, creates communion, fraternity and solidarity. ... Read More

Living the Gospel: sharing needs

Jesus invites us to follow him, to make, like him, a gift of our existence to the Father; he proposes that we imitate him in gently meeting the needs of every person with whom we share a small or large part of our day, with generosity and selflessness. ... Read More

The living Gospel: choosing kindness

At the school of Jesus, we can learn to be witnesses and instruments of the Father's tender and creative love for each other. It is the birth of a new world, which heals human coexistence from the root and attracts God's presence among men, an inexhaustible source of consolation to dry every tear. ... Read More