Conference Call CH

Asking for forgiveness with all our hearts

The President and Co-President of the Focolare returned to the subject of sexual abuse by consecrated members of the Movement and asked for forgiveness from all the victims. "We must do all we can to ensure that traumas of this kind do not happen again in the future". ... Read More

Maria Voce: an appeal for fraternity

(Italiano) Il 3 ottobre scorso, durante il Collegamento CH – la video conferenza bimestrale che collega le comunità dei Focolari nel mondo - Maria Voce ha fatto un appello a tutti, chiedendo un impegno non da poco: vivere rapporti sul modello di quelli “trinitari” dove ognuno faccia emergere l’altro, trovando “la sua più profonda identità” e ponendo così le fondamenta per una società fraterna. ... Read More
Progetto senza titolo 2

Journey to Syria – Homs

Travelling from Damascus to Aleppo, you go through Homs. We saw for ourselves what is happening there: the rebuilding and the people’s determination to go back to a normal life in a country where the war is not yet over and rubble blocks roads and hinders lives. We saw what the Focolare is doing through projects run by the Action for a United World (AMU) and the New Families Association (AFN). ... Read More

The challenge of Maurizio and Roberto

In the “Ecopesce” (Ecofish) workshop and the shop called “E Nustren” nothing is thrown away. This is the philosophy behind a small business based at Cesenatico in Italy that processes and sells fish from the Adriatic Sea, using only refrigeration technology. What reaches the customers’ table is a product that would otherwise not be valued or perhaps even thrown away. All this happens by putting sharing before economics. ... Read More