Lucio Dal Soglio: his Christmas

Lucio Dal Soglio passed away last 23 December. He was the first person to take the Focolare spirituality to the African people and will be remembered by the Focolare Movement worldwide with immense gratitude. ... Read More

Enzo Fondi Recounts

A young medical doctor in search of something, Enzo Fondi, one of the first focolarini, tells of his first meeting with “that young woman who genuinely personified the message she brought.” That was Chiara Lubich and, for Enzo, there was no other way but to follow that message. ... Read More

I was in prison and you visited me

For the Year of Faith, an all-night prayer vigil at the Italian Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love in Rome, with a link-up with 10 other Marian shrines on five continents. An all-night prayer vigil transmitted live by television. The following is one of the testimonials shared, regarding service to prison inmates. ... Read More