Philippines: Mariapolis goes online

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Following this slogan, the Focolare community of the metropolitan area of Manila, Philippines, organized the very first Online Mariapolis on May 14 and 15. ... Read More
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A Mariapolis for Europe

For the first time the historical meeting of the Focolare is organized on a continental level and Europe will be the forerunner. From 14 July to August 11, 3,000 people are expected in the Italian Dolomites. ... Read More
Emmaus_intervista Europa 2019

Europe and its calling: an interview with Maria Voce

Less than a century has passed since the end of World War II, yet it seems that today’s Europe has somewhat lost sight of its original challenge. The old continent was setting for two world wars, with millions of dead and many cities and communities destroyed, yet in the 1950s it launched a renaissance that could not even have been hoped for. The founding fathers of the present-day European Union saw beyond the special interests of each country and thought on a grander scale: a community of peoples who would be able to design an economic rebirth and future of peace. ... Read More