Igino Giordani, a humble hero

On Sunday, April 18th, Igino Giordani, a politician who inspired the social commitment and ideal choices of many, a writer and journalist, and co-founder of the Focolare Movement, will be remembered through live streaming. The latest biographical book will be presented and a sculpture dedicated to him will be inaugurated. ... Read More

People of God in dialogue with everyone

After the General Assembly of the Focolare Movement, Assemblies of a number of its branches were held: those of the men and women focolarini, that of the diocesan priests who belong to the Movement and those of the men and women Volunteers of God. The theme that each of the assemblies had in common was the focus on dialogue on all levels. ... Read More

What lies ahead for focolare?   

After the audience of the Focolare General  Assembly with Pope Francis what lies ahead for the Focolare Movement. In this Link up we take stock with Margaret Karram, President of the Focolare and Jesús Morán, co-president. ... Read More