Say no to war, to every act of war

The immediate establishment of a high-level trilateral committee between special representatives of the United States, the European Union and Iran, with a mandate to re-establish dialogue between the USA and Iran. The appeal by the Movement for politics and policies for unity and New Humanity of the Focolare Movement. ... Read More

A social action to promote peace in Uruguay

During the past 15 years, the Focolare Centre "Nueva Vida" has carried out a very important social action, that supports young people and their families in an area on the outskirts of Montevideo,Uruguay. Luis Mayobre, director of this centre has been interviewed about this activity. ... Read More

“ Create equality so as to bring about peace”

On the occasion of the 52nd World Day of Peace, and in support of the Pope's message "Good politics is at the service of peace", we publish an extract of Chiara Lubich's talk during a meeting of Teens for Unity, the young people of the Focolare Movement, gathered at the Colosseum in Rome in 2002. What is the key to promoting peace? Living the golden rule for building universal brotherhood. ... Read More