Since 1995 there has been a growing number of recognitions awarded to Chiara Lubich on behalf of international organisations, universities and public offices. These motivations highlight in a particular way the contribution towards peace and unity among peoples, religions and cultures. In Chiara Lubich’s addresses on such public ceremonies, she presents in different ways a careful study of the various aspects of the charism entrusted to her by the Holy Spirit, thus attributing the fruit of unity and peace that are thereby recognised.

International Organisations

UNESCO – Unesco Prize for Peace Education 1996 (Paris 1996)
EUROPEAN COUNCIL – Human Rights Prize 1998 (Strasburg 1998)

Government leaders

Brazil – Southern Cross award from the President of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Rome 1998)
Federal Republic of Germany – The Great Cross of Merit from the President of Germany Johannes Rau (Rome 2000)
Italian Republic – Knights of the Great Cross from the President of Italy Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (Rome 2003)


From the Anglican Church – Cross of the Order of St. Augustine of Canterbury from the Anglican Primates Archbishop Robert Runcie (London 1981) and Archbishop George Carey (London 1996)
From the Orthodox Church: The Byzantine Cross from Patriarch Dimitrios I (Istanbul 1984) and Bartholomew I (Istanbul 1995)
From the City of Augsburg (Germany) – Augustan Peace Prize (between Lutherans and Catholics) (Augsburg 1988)

Interreligious dialogue

Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion (London, 1977)
From the Jewish Community of Rome -An Olive Tree for Peace (Rocca di Papa 1995)
From Hindu Movements of Gandhian inspiration Shanti Ashram and Sarvodaya: Defender of Peace Prize (Coimbatore India 2001)

Honorary doctoral Degrees

Poland – Social Sciences from the Catholic University of Lublin (1996)
Thailand – Social Communications from St. John’s University in Bangkok (1997)
Philippines – Theology from the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas in Manila (1997)
Taiwan – Theology from Fu Jen University of Taipei (1997)
Usa – Humane Letters from Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut (1997)
Mexico – Philosophy from the University of San Juan Bautista de la Salle, Mexico City (1997)
Argentina – Jointly, all 13 Academic Faculties of the State University of Buenos Aires (1998)
Brazil – Humanities and the Science of Religion from the Catholic University of Sao Paolo (1998)
Brazil – Economics from the Catholic University of Pernambuco (1998)
Italy – Economics from the Catholic University of Milan in Piacenza (1999)
Malta – Psychology from the University of Malta (1999)
Usa – Education from The Catholic University of America (Washington D.C. 2000)
Slovakia – Theology from the University of Trnava (2003)
Italy – Theology of Consecreted Life from Claretianum Institute of the Lateran Pontifical University, (Rome 2004)

Honorary citizenships

Palermo – 1998
Buenos Aires (Argentina) – 1998
Rome – 2000
Florence – 2000
Genoa (Italy) – 2001
Turin – 2002
Milan – 2004
La Spezia – 2006
Rocca di Papa (Rome) – 1995
Pompei (Naples) – 1996
Tagaytay (Philippines) – 1997
Rimini (Bologna – Italy)- 1997
Chacabuco (Argentina) – 1998
Incisa Valdarno (Italy) – 2000
Rovigo (Italy) – 2000
Bra (Cuneo – Italy) – 2002
Todi (Perugia – Italy) – 2005
La Spezia (Italy) 2006

Awards from civic administrations

Peace and solidarity Prize – Regione Liguria (Italy) – 2001
Camune Rose Prize Regione Lombardia – 2003
Ardent Eagle of St. Wenceslas – Trent (Italy) – 1995
Turrita d’argento – Bologna (Italy) – 1997
Brazao Medal d’Armas de Belem – Belém (Brazil) – 1998
Grosso d’oro – Brescia (Italy) – 1999
City of Alba Prize Alba, Italy – 2000
City of Castelgandolfo, City of Peace Prize Castelgandolfo (Italy) – 2003
S.M . Capua Vetere City of Peace Prize S.M Capua Vetere (CE, Italy) – 2003
Civis Tusculanus Frascati (Rome) – September 2004

Honors from local churches

Trent (Italy) – The Gold Medal of San Vigilio – January 1995
Slovenia – The Saints Cyril and Methodius Medal from the Slovenian Church – April 1999
Brescia (Italy) – Goodheartedness Price Paul VI – September 2005

Cultural boards

Medal of Honor – State University of San Paolo (Brazil 1998)
The St. Catherine Silver Plaque – St. Catherine Center of Siena (1987)
Casentino Prize – Michelangelo Cultural Center – City of Florence, in Arts and Letters (Arezzo 1987)
First International Prize for Dialogue among Peoples – Franciscan International Study Center (Massa Carrara 1993)
UELCI Prize: Author of the year 1995 – Union of Italian Catholic Editors (Milan 1995)
Civilization of Love Prize for interreligious dialogue – International Forum, Civilization of Love (Rieti 1996)
International Telamone Prize for Peace 1999 – Socialprogramming Center (Agrigento 1999)
Friendly Heart Prize 1999 – (Brescia 1999)
Trentino of the Year Award – (Trent 2001)
6th Rotary Club Award – (Trent 2001)
Stefano Borgia Prize for Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue – International Center for Borgian Studies – (Velletri 2001)
Lifetime Achievement Award – Family Theater Productions (FTP) di Hollywood (Montet, Svizzera, 16 july 2006)
Thomas Moro Award – Catholic University of Paraguay (Asunción, 27 december 2006)