Our goal is unity, a goal that we hope to reach even though its full breadth is still far beyond our understanding. It calls us to be fully devoted with our intelligence and energy, our faith and our strength.

Citta Nuova (New City) Publishing House which was founded by Chiara Lubich in 1956 is one expression of the Focolare Movement. It looks at the world through the lens of universal brotherhood-sisterhood and day by day reports on the adventures of the people of the Focolare who strive to render more visible and real the ideal of a united world.

This is the goal that unites all twenty two publishing houses and the thrity seven editions of Citta Nuova magazine that are published throughout the world.

The Focolare’s monthly Citta Nuova magazine presents a view of people and events from the prospective of unity. With special attention to the signs of the times, the magazine is attentive to communion within the Catholic Chcurch, ecumenism, interreligious dialogue and dialogue with persons of diverse convictions.

Citta Nuova is an expression of the spirituality and of cultural, social and economic proposals offered by the Focolare Movement that was founded by Chiara Lubich.

The New Humanity Journal has been a cultural expression of the Focolare Movement for the past thirty years. Founded in 1978 by Chiara Lubich, it is a bi-monthly publication  of Citta Nuova Press and offers research and studies from the humanistic disciplines.

First among all is the Abba School journal, which is put out by the international study group that Chiara Lubich founded when she invited researchers from several academic areas to examine the cultural content of the charism of unity. This magazine also gathers the fruits of the research that is carried out in the several “schools” promoted by the Movement in particular fields of intra-ecclesial, ecumenical dialogue and dialogue between religions and culture. It also expresses new prospectives of thought that are being opened by the charism of unity in the social, economic, political, and professional fields.

Charism in Unity magazine deals in monographic form with diffrent themes of spirituality from the starting point of Gospel wisdom, the charismatic light that shines in the present-day Church and real life experiences. It contains doctrinal articles, the witness of the saints from all ages and the experiences of men and women religious today. It attempts to encourage unity among all: men and women religious, lay-people and priests, so that the variety of the gifts and the richness of the charisms might be brought together in harmony. It has eight editions: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Slovenian.

Sophia– research on the foundations and correlations of fields of knowledge” is semiannual academic expression of the research being carried out by Sophia University Institute, under the title Sophia” (Wisdom), and the subtitle “research into the foundations and correlations of knowledge”. The title is meant to describe its purpose and focus: that is,  thinking about  the significance and contribution of the scientific disciplines provided by the research and teaching at Sophia and the sapential dimesnsion of life and of light and interpersonal and interdisciplinary dialogue that defines the project and programme of the institute.

Contributions from the presenters range from biblical theology to systematic theology, philosophy, political economy, politics, cosmology, epistomology and logic and the foundations of mathematics.

“Gens” explores the spirituality of unity and its ecclesial possibilities. It is a bi-monthly publication, published in several languages for a seminarian audience.


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