(English) Journey to Asia: parting thoughts

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 “I am really happy to go to Asia, I am full of joy, though I feel the responsibility, and I am apprehensive about so much that is unknown to me. The joy of meeting these cultures is greater, however. Sure, I think, I’m going to huge countries like Japan and Korea, and I’ll be there for four days. What can I understand in four days? Our way of understanding is not to discover every detail, but to encounter the soul of each people even through just one representative.

The most important thing is to establish relationships. One of these relationships, of course, is the dialogue with the Buddhist movement Rissho Kosei Kai. I think this is very important, because it is part of a continuing experience that began with Chiara thirty years ago, and must not stop: it must receive a new boost.

The contact with Thai Buddhism will be very important, when I take part in the symposium in Bangkok and meet Buddhist monks in Chiang Mai.  The most important aspect of this will be establishing personal relationships with the Grand Master, and with the leadership of Rissho Kosei Kai, and even with just one representative of those peoples who can help me understand their lives.

I am also going to thank these peoples for the way they have welcomed the Ideal of unity, which in some way goes beyond the diversity of religions, and which aims to create new people, who are able to live together, share the life of this planet, and build a new humanity. I also want to thank them for having given us many so men and women focolarini, spread throughout the world, who are contributing to this work for fraternity.”

(Interview by Carla Cotignoli of SIF ( Servizio Informazione Focolari))

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