19 July 1967 – New Families Turns Fifty

New Families was founded on July 19, 1967 by Chiara Lubich, who called it “an explosive, apostolic and diffusive” movement, which is now active around the world answering to the needs of the family.

During the first school for married focolarini, Chiara Lubich paraphrased what Pope Paul VI had said a day earlier at the General Audience. Chiara announced on that July 19, 1967, that “an explosive, apostolic and diffusive Movement” for families would be born at the very heart of the Focolare.

Fifty years later it is easy to see that those words were proven to be true. Married and engaged couples and many others who have a part in the world of the family have seen their love for one another grow through their contact with the charism of unity, transforming it into a living witness of love for God and for the human family. That love has also resulted in the Movement spreading in a large part of the world’s countries.

In the video collage (in italian laguage) that we propose, created in 2007 (40 years since the beginning of New Families), Chiara’s words resound more than ever a current answer to the needs of today’s family that is in line with “Amoris Laetitia” (“The Joy of Love”). They don’t do it with words, but with the concrete fruit of the real life experiences by a multitude of families with their testimonies of unity, and with their hundreds of projects of international cooperation and at-a-distance support AFN. They work for the renewal of society and for the realization of Jesus’s testament: “that all may be one.”