Time-out for families

The time-out for families is a must-see event.

On the feast of Pentecost this year, we spent an intense weekend in the Black Forest. There were 21 families, eight helpers, eight Focolarini and a priest. We came home grateful and very touched by this marvelous “time-out”.

Each day the marvelous reality of mutual love between us, created a  very special atmosphere, which was felt by children and adults, full of mutual care, peace and joy. New friendships were born and existing ones were reinforced. Together we entrusted some difficult situations to God(in some couples)which naturally aren’t missing.

Time-out_2017_5The motto for the weekend(The View in the Present Moment”-“The View in depth”-“A Broad View”) gave us a kick start from the very beginning and lasted to the end. It was a help to harmonize our attitude towards our neighbor and also in our family relationships.

On Saturday evening we went in depth to a theme on living the Present Moment with some meditations and experiences. On Monday we encouraged the adults not to tire of trying and to be committed to improving their relationship as a couple; to speak about their emotions.

The excursion to the nearby waterfall was a special moment, in fact we weren’t sure that we would manage to go until the last moment, as the weather report was a storm with hailstones. In the end it was a fantastic experience in the open-air, no storm, and was appreciated by everyone.

The service for the feast of Pentecost was held in the gym with an atmosphere full of the Holy Spirit: the little ones participated with great attention which was very impressive and the celebration was accompanied by many songs and a story.

The Party on Sunday afternoon was a special moment when we had games, candy floss, Helium balloons, a special cake(Zvieri) and a space for “face paint” for children. The time just flew by!  Two families came from Switzerland on Sunday, just to spend a few Time-out_2017_1hours in this atmosphere!

When the news went round that the former organizers wanted to take a break next year, spontaneously a group was formed under the direction of another family and it will be possible to realize this weekend of time-out next year, 2018! This is marvelous isn’t it!

The participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation with these wonderful words which really touched us. Some phrases are listed below:

  • We had so much pleasure living together with trust. There was no barrier between the young and the not so young.
  • Thank you for creating a great family and for the great games.
  • Exhausting- satisfying- tiring- relaxing-committing-opening up horizons- an unique beauty.
  • Thank you for the wonderful games, for the enriching services and for the prayers day by day.
  • Thank you for building a superb slingshot so big that you could play with it in a football field.
  • We are a loving family! Thank you for everything.
  • I was touched by the serenity, the acceptance and the generosity of everyone in this “holy confusion” living with so many children.
  • The trip was “mega” great, because we all went in the water with our feet, big and small! The prayer with the dance was very contemplative.
  • I liked everything, especially the trip.
  • Even though I wasn’t well for a moment, I knew the children were in “good hands”. They had joy- I could sleep. This is what together means. Thank you!
  • The food wasn’t too great, but this is typical German cooking”


None of the families came home without saying, “See you next year!”

(Report from Anita e Res Berger from D-A-CH – Giovanna Pieroni)