The Dice of love – Be first to love

In the Gospel we find out that Jesus loved us first: In fact, He came to Earth to give his life for each one of us.

Dado_1Be sensitive to the feelings of others.
How many times in the couple and in the family we love in order to be loved, in  the other we look for something for ourselves, and this is natural.
But if we stop there soon selfishness comes in and then love weakens and becomes a demand.
If we really want to love another person we must be able to communicate well with him or her, on the other hand only love can make us really able to communicate.
Deep communication is a communication where we put in common needs, emotions, feelings, thoughts, experiences.
We should also put ourselves in the other’s shoes (become one).
This is an essential point, to develop the capability to enter the other’s state of mind, look at the world from his/her position,
from his/her place not from mine, from his/her age not from ours.


Rediscover the worth of a person.
Rediscover the dignity of the person next to me; rediscover all the values present in him or her,
in the richness of his/her diversity, in spite of the unavoidable frailties.
Convey to the other the idea that he/she is important for me.
Speak in terms of  ‘I’  and not  ‘YOU’
(not you made me suffer but:  I suffered because of your behavior).
In synthesis be open and accepting even if the other hurt us.