Without tenderness you cannot live

The family, more than ever committed to gather and deal with new challenges which present themselves almost daily, now needs a certain kind of support, which cannot be separated from effective training aimed at improving relationships, mainly in couples and between members of the same family. This is the purpose of the days promoted by New Families of Marche 'Family is ...'


The three events which, within a few months followed one another in the Marche, they are a demonstration of this. The impressions gathered at the end of each event confirm the importance of having the suitable tools to keep the couple and the family united.The path taken with New Families has offered moments of profound reflection on being a family and on the behavioural methodologies to be adopted within it. With the presence of various experts we talked about forgiveness, empathy and sexuality. You can go deep inside the other person, by walking in their shoes, and by listening so well that it allows you to gather his feelings, up to the point of realising that, maybe, they are the same as your own.

This is Empathy, or rather “walking in the other’s shoes”.

There are various examples regarding this, such as the Porcupines Fable, where they eventually discover that the only way to stay together and keep each other warm without getting pricked, is to keep the right distance.

A certain empathy is taken for granted when you fall in love, but in time, there is the risk of not feeling this any more. Now is the time to step up your game, to go back to wanting one another, accepting one another and loving one another.

“Without tenderness you can not live was the theme of the February appointment that developed Maria and Raimondo Scotto. The conversations and dialogue throughout the day can be assumed in a few phrases which give the idea of the importance of tenderness:

“Without tenderness you cannot live” it was the argument of the appointment of February who has seen the participation of Maria e Raimondo Scotto.

“Tenderness enriches love. It provides a heart capable of compassion, goodness and personal involvement”. It’s not enough that the other knows you love them, they have to feel it”.   “If you have tenderness you don’t have expectations, in fact, your intention is to make the other happy”. “Love and Tenderness are not built in the bedroom but during the day”.

Starting from the Art of loving Those present were invited to reflect on some points:

“Grasp the positive; never humiliate; appreciate the other and give trust” “Enter his/her world and make your own his needs”

“Don’t isolate yourselves” “Take the initiative” “Know how to forgive” “Be attentive to the other’s joy” “Create love in the other”.

The impressions gathered at the end of the day show the importance of having the right tools to maintain unity in the family and to deal with the challenges of a contemporary society.

Another impression highlighted that the passing of time and having “too much to do” has eroded tenderness and had a negative influence on our relationship as a couple: high voices, severe looks, prejudices have taken the place of cuddles. In order for daily living to take on the flavor of happiness, it is necessary to start from the small daily gestures and be one a gift for the other.

Other significant impressions:

“The meeting on Sunday made us discover many new things, it helped us to understand the many little differences between a man and a woman so as to improve our intimacy. This is fundamental for us.  Many Thanks”.

“I fervently share and believe in what was said. The workshops for couples are an essential source of enrichment. Now I am aware of a new method of communication in my married life”.

“The workshops for couples and the topics addressed by the experts, allowed us to achieve a sort of pit stop, leading us to a profound introspection and communion that we would otherwise have put off for a while”.

a profound introspection and communion that otherwise we would have continued to postpone over time.

They are expected with joy future appointments!