The yucca


When we were engaged, Catherine and I gave each other a gift by buying a yucca. We gave it the name CHICCA: a derivation of our names CRI-KA. It was our symbol. We have decanted it and taken it with us on numerous removals.

Our report, at one point, went into crisis. I left home and started another relationship. During this period, every time I went to take our boys, I realized that the dry leaves of the yucca increased, the weeds in the pot, the dust, the rottenness of the leaves. In short, it was just abandoned. Nobody cared. And I wasn’t happy with that.

About a year and a half ago, the plant appeared to be practically dead. Then, when I happened there, at home, without noticing me, I started to remove the weeds, cut the dry and old leaves, hoe the ground.

When I realized that my married life was with my wife Catherine and I officially came back to her, one day she says to me: “Did you see? Chicca has recovered! And I nodded, smiling, “He needed someone to take care of him.

Today that plant is back as beautiful and luxuriant as it was many years ago.

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