The Holy Spirit: Spirit of love

Let's start with today, and for each week, the publication of excerpts of meditations, writings, speeches by Chiara Lubich and Igino Giordani, on the theme of the year from an article by Chiara Lubich published in the Osservatore Romano on April 21, 1984: The family and Mary

…]  The family, the birthplace of those who, once baptized, are children of God, was made holy by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of love, and through the great sacrament of marriage; and it became a miniature version and heart of the Church. […] Speaking to the New Families of the Focolare Movement, the Pope outlined and defined the ideal image of the family as a domestic Church in this way: «With your whole life, with your shared existence, with your lifestyle, you build up the Church in her smallest and at the same time fundamental dimension: the “Ecclesiola”! (1) Now if this domestic Church – this “Ecclesiola” – must be the «heart of the Church, » as the Pope also said, the family must aim at reflecting the attitude of Mary to whom it is now consecrated, by being like Mary a transparency of the will of God. The family must take as its own the simple but absolute giving of itself to the divine level, which is always a level of redemption and salvation. The gesture of the Holy Father is in fact an invitation to all the families to be particularly consecrated to Mary, entrusting to Her all the concerns and joys of family life and to keep Her as the reference point for a shared commitment to the life of the gospel.

(1) Family and love – Citta Nuova (nr. 10 – 1981)

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