Pathways Yellow : for an ecological… Carnival

Pablo writes to us from Incisa Valdarno, near Florence.

When we were at the Carnival  in the  Figline Square in  Florence,  today’s Word of Mouth came to mind: 16/02/2020: “Be a sign of hope for many.”

When we arrived the square was perfectly clean.
After an hour it was  full of paper and lots of spray cans that the children there had used. My children  wanted to buy more but I proposed that they should start collecting all the cans that were on the ground and they soon forgot about buying some and started picking them up.

Some of their schoolmates joined in and in the end, even though we couldn’t pick them all up, we managed to fill many bags and boxes.
I explained to them that the workers of the Town Council do a lot for us and that we can help them by doing this collection.  Everyone was happy!

At a certain point one of the parents approached me and asked what we were doing.
I explained to him that we wanted to do something good for the Town Council.
He was very impressed and said:  “I’ll explain it to my little girl too, by making a game of it children learn best”

We also noticed that some people, seeing the bags full of spray cans, threw the empty ones in there and no longer on the ground.
In the end, there were a lot of people who “played the game”  of collecting… And the aim wasn’t to win: they were helping each other.

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