Carlo Casini: a life for Life

The departure of Carlo Casini has caused us heartache, it has left a huge void, it's almost as if a piece of us is missing.

He was one of the prophets of the last century who opened the eyes of entire generations to the truth of human life.  He had already entered our lives in the 70’s with his fervent wit, with the charm of a strong and meek man at the same time. He made us go beyond our naïve shyness to participate and even animate many actions of mass awareness wisely imagined by him for Padova. We are so proud to have been led by a man like him! Tireless, cordial, captivating, just arrived in the capital he was able to involve our children; who are still grateful for his having initiated them in youth cultural experiences in favour of life at an international level.

With the clarity of his thought and his works he leaves us an uncommon heritage of values.   The fruitful collaboration of ‘his’ Movement for Life and ‘his’ Help for Life Centres with the families of the Focolare Movement ( to whom we have had the gift of belonging since our youth) is rooted in this patrimony; and it is because of this elevated inheritance, vested with resolution, that the sense of loss is converted into gratitude for the inestimable contribution he gave to the Church and the world. His is a heritage destined to find continuity and increase over time.

Carlo’s strenuous research and affirmation of the sacredness of human life will remain in history as a primordial value that led him to “sell everything” in order to make this shine in society as a precious pearl of the Gospel. A light that he was able to transfuse widely in the offices he held both in civil and ecclesial spheres. The memory of having found ourselves around the same table in the Forum of Family Associations or in the Ministry for Families , of which he was an esteemed consultant, is still a reason for great spiritual and human joy. We are certain his enlightened bioethical and juridical arguments about human life and the duty of all of us to safeguard it in all its phases and ages will never be forgotten. We have seen them incorporated into the official documents of the Magisterium many times, precisely because of the numerous tangible initiatives that bear witness to their truthfulness. We were honoured by his friendship and can attest to his tender affection for his wife and their 4 children.  Our most affectionate gratitude goes to Mary, and to Marina in particular, who is taking up the legacy. May God,the author of Life, give them comfort and serenity for a life that will be to say the least, extraordinary.
Anna and Alberto Friso