USA – The last pack of water

In the USA the statistics for the states of New York, New Jersey and California are increasing every hour. The areas of the three states have imposed a voluntary curfew on people and there are also many people in need of help.

Our water pipes broke down, obviously, we need to purchase water bottles.
We went to several stores and all ran out of supply.
We arrived into another store and the water bottle displayed gone in seconds.
Some people getting as much as 6 packs, and many of us were not able to get anything.
You can’t blame people for hoarding the basic needs, like water bottle.
After a while new stocks came out and people were scrambling to get as many as they can.
After a few seconds, only 8 packs left out. There was a great temptation to get all the 4 packs for ourselves.
Why not take 4? humanly speaking, but we took two only, to leave some for other people.
After split seconds everything was gone.
There was this guy who was calmly waiting in line, but nothing was left for him.
He could have gotten one for himself if he had tried joining the commotion.
Humanly speaking, it was so much easy to get drawn into the panic and justify it by saying “we are just looking out for ourselves first”.
It is only with our long practice in living the Ideal, imperfect it may be, that we turned our gaze to this guy and offered to give the one pack of water to him. Indeed, it is only by the grace of God that we can do these small act of kindness in times when there is chaos around us.
As Jesus Moran was saying, these times are a “time of Grace”.

(From Yvette & Rod)

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