God’s love is greater… nothing can stop us from loving!

Last week, Iloilo was put on an enhanced community quarantine due to the COVID-19 situation.

Shops closed, fewer vehicles plied the streets, and less people could be seen going around. While we knew that it was intended for a greater good, we also understood that this was going to hit the daily income earners very hard.

We tried to think of what we could do to help a family of six whose only source of income was selling meals in front of their house. Since there were almost no more people buying, they no longer had enough for their daily needs. We were able to get in touch with a friend who had a farm, and when we told him of the situation of this family, he agreed to give us rice at a cost lower than that of the market price. In spite of our own limited resources, we immediately ordered one sack of rice for this family. We also decided to order one sack for our own family.

Since he had all the documents for him to pass through the check points, this friend who was selling the rice volunteered to deliver it to the family who needed it. On the way, he passed by our house to drop the other sack that we had ordered for ourselves. As he was bringing down our rice, he said, “Do not pay this, okay. Pay only for the other sack. Your rice is free. If you insist on paying it, I’m going to give the money back to you.” Unexpectedly, we received a free sack of rice for ourselves, while still being able to give one sack to another family.

This small experience was like a reassurance that in spite of all the uncertainties, fears, and everything that is happening in this period, God’s love is greater and He is in control. We just have to keep loving and doing our part so that other people would also feel God’s love for them and believe, too, that everything is part of His beautiful plan for humanity.


By Nathalie “Ann” Pasa – Local Community of the Focolare in Iloilo

Iloilo: City of the geographically located in the region of Western Visayas.



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