One more person.

This pandemic is highlighting the loss of jobs in many parts of the world, but we are also witnessing many episodes of solidarity driven by the creativity of love.

Today, as part of my work, I discovered that there are people who will be left without a salary because they have no projects to work on. I therefore talked to my client to see if I could assume three people to do something related to my project. After he agreed, I discussed it with management and they gave me permission to hire two people, while a third person might not be so necessary.

The only thing was that the third person is a graphic artist and a single mother. So I asked God to help me talk to my boss again about this case. I suggested he gave me more time and permission to ask the client for proof of the need of a graphic artist’s work. He told me he would give me just one day to resolve the matter. I immediately contacted the client who supported me in the idea and wrote an email in which he specifically requested the need for this person to do the work because it involves writing a labelling manual.                                                                                                                           Once my boss received the message, we talked and promised to guarantee her a job of at least 20 hours per week. I thank God for the possibility that these three families, which include two single mothers, will have the opportunity to collect wages at a time when some 80 thousand people in Puerto Rico have lost their jobs

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