Mariapolis GB 2021

This, year the GB Mariapolis is happening again online. You may remember last year’s online Mariapolis? It was a ‘first’ in many ways! For many of us it was a boost that was really needed at that time. One of the fruits was the start of online groups beyond geographical borders (as, for example, the Dialogue Group) and these groups continue to meet regularly.

Mariapolis GB 2021

2-3 October 2021

our Heart, our home, our world

Mariapolis is a gathering of people, organised by the Focolare Movement, the aim of which is to help build the united world which Jesus prayed for with the words, “…that they may all be one” (John 17:21). People from all walks of life and expressions of faith, or none, are invited to join this adventure.

With the coronavirus pandemic, racism, social inequality, divisions and conflicts, climate change… it could be easy to lose hope. But a just, peaceful, caring and united world is possible!

Mariapolis GB 2021 presents a universal message, that gives hope for the world today.

Mariapolis GB 2021 is happening online. There will be a programme of presentations, sharing of experiences,  workshops, an informal time together: in sessions spread over the weekend

All are welcome!