The Holy Spirit – The unknown God

This book is written, first and foremost, to fill a gap. Among the numerous publications of Chiara Lubich, there is not one volume specifically dedicated to the Holy Spirit, despite his significant presence throughout Chiara’s life and that of the Focolare Movement.


Chiara Lubich

Edited by
Florence Gillet and Raul da Silva


Chiara Lubich (1920-2008) was the founder of the Focolare Movement and her gospel based spirituality has inspired millions. She is an internatonally renowned religious writer and has published over thirty books in dozens of languages with more than one million copies sold. The movement to which she gave birth stands at the forefront of ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

This collection of texts highlights the powerful action of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the Focolare Movement. It helps us to enter into the intimacy of Chiara Lubich’s relationship with the Holy Spirit and how she communicated to others her passion that he, the ‘unknown God’ may be known, welcomed and loved.

ISBN 9781905039388