Glimpses of Gospel Life – The Silk Scarf

Having decided to answer God’s call and give him everything, I felt it was right to give away what I didn’t need, including my clothing.


Tidying up what I had left, I realised that I no longer had a silk scarf, which would have been useful to me.  What’s more, I couldn’t find a pair of winter socks which I used to wear inside my boots.  But what did it matter?  I was happy and felt free having kept only what I needed!

That evening my sister, who knew nothing about this, said to me, “Do you know, at work for my birthday, I was given a beautiful silk scarf and now I have two. Perhaps you would like it?”

I was amazed, that scarf seemed to have rained down from heaven.

The next day, my brother said, laughing, “I don’t’ know how I did it. The other day I bought some socks but I can’t get into them because they are too small. I’ll buy some new ones. By any chance do you need them?”

I felt a lump in my throat, I was so moved. They were little things, but they seemed beautiful. I discovered that the words of the Gospel were true.


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