Glimpses of Gospel Life – You Are A Priest!

I was walking along the road in Manila when a youth approached me. When he was a short distance away he unsheathed a knife and pointed it at me, “Give me all your money!” he demanded.

“Certainly,” I replied, “and I think that you are hungry too. Look, there’s a restaurant here, come and eat and drink what you want.”  He was taken aback, but he followed me. He ate and drank until he’d had enough and I learned about his family. He told me he needed everything: food, clothes, shoes…I promised him that the next day I’d prepare a box of clothing for him and I gave him my address. He left in better spirits.

The next day he arrived, hesitant, ready to run, fearing a trap. He took the parcel and said to me,  “My neighbour is as poor as me and needs some help.” I invited him to return the next day to collect some things for his friend. He came back and looked at me. I smiled at him and offered him the new parcel. I was happy because I was giving food and clothing to Jesus in him. He threw himself onto his knees and shaking, exclaimed, “You are a priest, listen to my confession.”

I heard his confession and he left happy.

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