Glimpses of Gospel Life – Blessed Illness

I am suffering from a serious illness. My kidneys have not been working properly for more than ten years and I am forced to undergo dialysis three times a week. In time, other organs will fail too.

A few days ago when I was in a lot of pain, I complained to Jesus that it was a cursed illness.  But soon afterwards I felt him reproach me. “No, Luigi, it isn’t cursed, quite the opposite, this illness is blessed, because thanks to this, you and I are much closer.” How true were those words!  Thinking about it I would not change this illness for anything in the world.  I thanked him. But then I had the thought, “I would like to go out and ‘evangelise’ like I did when I was young!” The very next day, a priest, whom I had met at work, said, “The word of God is really spreading in my diocese!” He was referring to a video prepared for Jubilee 2000, which had been distributed throughout ninety parishes of the diocese, which contained among others, my witness on my illness.

What joy I felt!  With my heart full of happiness and my eyes full of tears, I said to Jesus, “How sensitive you are, how delicate is your love!  Not even twenty-four hours have gone by and already you have answered me!”


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