Generating Peace – The Focolare Conference Call

Every two months the family of the Focolare, spread out over the whole world, shares its news internally with everyone who is interested. It takes the form of a conference call via internet and everyone can link up to it.

We would like to share this source of ‘good news’ with all. Even though many items of this conference call come from areas in the world that are experiencing serious difficulties, they are still ‘good news’ because they contain seeds of hope in the various local situations.

The Conference Call of 15th June contains the following items:

(all these items can be accessed via the main link

1. Live Link-up with Mariapoli Luminosa – USA

80 young people from Canada, Mexico and the USA spending a week together, the United World Week. The motto of this week was “No One in Need”.


2 Chiara Lubich: Generating Peace – From Chiara Lubich’s talk to the Vll Assembly of the World Conference of Religions for Peace – Amman (Jordan), November 29th 1999

“[…]Another step in the art of loving is perhaps the most demanding of all. It tests the authenticity and purity of love, and therefore, its real capacity to generate peace.”


2 Testimony from Lebanon

LEBANON. A rich tapestry- This country has all it takes to be a model for the world of shared life in society and among religions. Yet the longstanding political and economic crises undermine this careful balance. For 50 years the Focolare has been seeking to make its own contribution.

LEBANON. IRAP: a school and a home – It started as a school for children with hearing and speech impediments, but IRAP is much more than this. Everyone feels at home there and workshops for crafts and cookery have developed creating jobs and settings for a shared life. IRAP’s story shows that integration is not something exceptional but the daily life and destiny of the Lebanese people.


2. Journey To Syria

Damascus- a report on a journey with Egilde Verì who came back to Syria after 14 years and after a terrible conflict. We travel to Damascus with her to meet and hear from the Focolare community there.

Homs – travelling from Damascus to Aleppo, you go through Homs. We saw for ourselves what is happening there: the rebuilding and the people’s determination to go back to a normal life

Aleppo – In the souk in Aleppo we hear form Jalal: war means destruction and loss, that is true, but crossing the threshold of the Focolare we find a home and a community, a refuge and place of comfort, hope and joy, where people support one another in getting up and starting over again.