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Bridging London – Climate Education

Awareness of the urgent need for change in the way in which we live on our planet has never been more acutely felt. Continue reading

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Dublin: World Meeting of Families with the Pope

21/08/2018 – 26/08/2018
“The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the world” Continue reading

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Helping hand after Portugal bushfires

Nothing that is done to safeguard nature and the environment is small. The children of the Focolare in Carvalhal de Vermilhas (Portugal) plant new trees in a forest destroyed by a bushfire last year. Continue reading

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On two wheels for peace

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an invitation to find throughout the year, the opportunities to share in the progress of the communion between churches and pray together for the fullness of unity. In (Italy) an ecumenical cycling event to give respect to all creation. Continue reading

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Climate Change and Caring for Creation

The fury of the hurricane that caused devastation in Texas invites us to think again about the care and attention we give to our common home. News from the Focolare community in Houston. Continue reading

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Law as a tool of communion

From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the constitutions of European nations, law is at the basis of human dignity in the society. The thoughts of Maria Voce, President fo the Focolare Movement. Continue reading

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The law of systems

The term “system” is perhaps among the most used in our language. Almost without realising, it always seems to crop up, whether we’re talking about elections, football pools, stars, units of measure, politics, irrigation, the kids’ algebra homework, security, transportation, medicines or mountain chains. Simple or complex, nerves or finances, a “system” (from the Greek systema, to combine) is always on our lips. Continue reading

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The Healing Power of Love

An Australian couple share their experience in living their son’s battle with agoraphobia and his fiancée’s drug addiction. Amidst the anguish and uncertainty, there is an unconditional and persevering love which supports them throughout their hospitalisation and treatment. Continue reading

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Run4Unity Glasgow The Golden Rule

“The SAPC welcomes everyone so it was exciting to be asked by the Focolare to host Run4Unity – Glasgow. Sport, art and community is a great combination which engages everyone. Volunteers and volunteering is the bedrock of a community – Run4Unity is a great example of this on a worldwide scale”. – Tom Buik Continue reading

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run4unity Birmingham – worldwide relay race Sunday 8th May 2016

08/05/2016 11:00 – 15:30
Nishkam School, Great Kings St North, Birmingham B19 2LF
8 May 11am – 3.30pm
(Bring packed lunch – vegetarian please. Nishkam is a vegetarian school)


Music, Percussion, Dance, Sport

Suggested contribution £2.00

Further details contact: Pat Whitney

Over 170 locations around the world will be linked up across 24 hours in this the 5th global run4unity event. Thousands of young people of […]

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