THE PACT OF MUTUAL LOVE – The Focolare Conference Call

Every two months the family of the Focolare, spread out over the whole world, shares its news internally with everyone who is interested. It takes the form of a conference call via internet and everyone can link up to it.

We would like to share this source of ‘good news’ with all. Even though many items of this conference call come from areas in the world that are experiencing serious difficulties, they are still ‘good news’ because they contain seeds of hope in the various local situations.

The Conference Call of 28th September contains the following items:

(all these items can be accessed via the main link

1. Live connection with Brazil – Manaus

On October 6th, the Catholic Church’s Synod on Amazonia begins. We all know of the terrible fires that have devastated the Amazon rainforest in recent months and its serious consequences for the people. We are now connected live with Father Carlos.


2 Australia: “Hombre Mundo” Camp among the aborigines
The Youth for Unity in Oceania went to Lake Mungo to learn about the life and the culture of the aborigines. A unique experience that opened heart and arms.

3. Castel Gandolfo: The first Focolare youth assembly
There were 195 of them from 67 countries in the world aged 17 to 35 years old. They represent all the young people of the Focolare Movement and met to get to know each other, to ask questions, and plan for a more united world. Together.


4. GERMANY: Blog from the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace. The video blog of Ana Clara Giovani, Brazilian journalist, who attended the event


5.INDIA: A visit to the Focolare community in Bangalore
Dipping into the life of the Focolare community in Bangalore: from the story of Angela and Louis, to the “pizza evenings” organized by the Gen in focolare, to raise funds for various projects


6. TONADICO in the Dolomites: “To aim high” – faces and voices from the European Mariapolis – Young people and adults, participants from East and West have made an important experience of openness, knowledge of different cultures and dialogue in Europe


7. CAMEROON: life goes on in Fontem
Aracelis and Charles are the co-ordinators of the Focolare community of the first little town in Africa. They take stock of the situation and tell how life is today.

8. Chiara Lubich: A solemn “pact”
From the speech to the Nweh-Mundani people; Azi (Fontem), 6 May 2000