AMU – Action for United World – some of the projects supported in 2018

Thank you to all who donate and continue to support these projects.

AMU Burundi Project “Water source of life and development”: works are ongoing towards a 15 miles water pipes on the hills of Rukanda.  This will provide drinking water to 850 families drawing from 32 sources.

An update on Syria: in 2018 AMU supported 130 families living in Aleppo, Homs, Damasco e Kafarbo, providing food, medical assistance and basic needs such as heating costs during winter and towards renovation of their homes which were destroyed by the war.

AMU also assisted with school fees 166 children, including 70 children attending the EHIS school in Aleppo, a school for deaf children.

In Kafarbo and Homs, elderly people and people in serious condition (on dialysis) were also supported.

While the conflicts have now ceased, now is the start of difficult times to rebuild civil society, as well as infrastructures.  However, those who have bravely remained in Syria have not lost hope and joy to live.

In 2019 AMU will continue to provide financial support to families and school education for children.  A project has started to provide training courses for health professionals who will be able to assists the elderly in need of care, and often lonely, their immediate families having left the country during the war.

Other training courses have also been planned for plumbers and carpenters who will be able to help with the renovation of buildings destroyed by the bombings.

Source: Focolare Great Britain