Mariapolis Luminosa

Mariapolis Luminosa, the Focolare’s little city in North America is located in Hyde Park, New York, and wants to be an example of a society renewed by the Gospel message of unity. Throughout the year, children and families, adults and youth, priests and religious, participate in a great variety of gatherings, seminars, and cultural events. An ideal place for a family vacation, spiritual retreats, picnics and outings, Luminosa is a true school of life.

Mariapolis Luminosa, named after Margarita Bavosi, a Focolare member who spent her life for the ideal of unity, is also a meeting point for people of different churches and religions who want to work together in building a more united world.

To help facilitate gatherings, Mariapolis Luminosa has lodging, meeting halls, and a dining area. The Chiara Lubich Conference Center is a multipurpose facility that can accommodate up to 400 people for meetings and performances.

In 1988 the Luminosa Award for Unity was established to honor persons and organizations that have made a contribution to furthering unity among peoples. Award recipients have been representative of various Christian churches and faith traditions, of the film industry, educators, and peacemakers.

The Ave Art Center is an arts and crafts studio and gift shop and provides an outlet for people to express the beauty of God through art.

Mariapolis Luminosa is also home to the Focolare publishing house New City Press and to the movement’s magazine Living City.