Mariapolis Luminosa wants to be an example of a society renewed by the Gospel message of unity. Reciprocal love (Christian love) is the law of the town and each person living here is asked to put it into practice. Each person you meet day by day can be someone to love in this way. Mariapolis Luminosa can therefore be a concrete expression, a witness of reciprocal love, universal brotherhood.

The presence of families in Mariapolis Luminosa is a very important aspect of its vision. There are families that live here on a permanent basis and those that come to live here for a certain period of time. We continue to welcome them to join us in building the mariapolis.

In order to prepare well for this experience, please review the information below.

BudgetEach family should create a budget for their stay in Luminosa to cover the expenses for living. It should include housing rent, food, transportation, schooling and extra expenses.

HousingHouses or apartments are available for residence depending on the number of members per family and are assigned after a request for stay is received and reviewed. Residences are subject to availability. Each family is required to pay a rental fee which covers basic utilities (electricity, garbage disposal, water conditioning, telephone/internet). This amount depends on the house assigned.

FoodEach family needs to purchase the necessary groceries to live on while in Luminosa. Stores are nearby and can be reached quite easily. A calculated amount can be discussed when you apply.

VisaNationals of certain countries who will stay in Luminosa for 3 months or less, are eligible to visit the US without a visa, under the Visa Waiver Program. Additional information can be found at:  90-day authorized stay; no extensions allowed.

If your country is not on the list, or if you wish to stay longer than 3 months, a visa is required. The only visa available is the B-1 temporary visitor’s visa for religious purposes. Note that authorized periods of stay under the B-1 category range from 1 to 6 months. Those wishing to stay longer than 6 months will need to apply for an extension before their authorized stay expires, for a maximum of 1 year. The filing fee for the extension request is $370.00 at present. An invitation letter to accompany the visa application can be made available upon request.

Additional information can be found here:

PassportsValid passports are required for each family member coming from outside the United States and must have an expiration date no earlier than 3 months after completion of stay here in Mariapolis Luminosa.

InsuranceEach family must have medical insurance to be valid for the length of their stay in Mariapolis Luminosa. It must provide necessary coverage for all family members. Proof of coverage must be received by Mariapolis Luminosa before confirmation can be completed.

TransportationTransportation arrangements should be made to travel between the airport and Mariapolis Luminosa. Public transportation is available.

Currently, one car is available for the families living in Luminosa for local use and is coordinated among the families residing at the given time. Gas costs should be paid by the families using the car. For extended travel, the family should look for other means such as renting a car.

SchoolSchools for children are located in the nearby area. They begin in early September and run through the end of June. Public schools are generally free and private/catholic schools require tuition payment. Plan 2 to 3 months for the enrollment process.

ProgramThe experience consists of formation in the spirituality of unity in the life of the family while participating in the activities of the little city, all which help to contribute to strengthening the unity among all.

WorkEach family should consider ways to pay for their stay. It can include the possibility of working here (remotely) for your current employer or raising the necessary funds to cover your stay prior to arrival.

Volunteer work may be available in maintenance or other entities of the little city without pay/salary. Paid work opportunities are very limited in Luminosa.

Extra expensesEach family is responsible for all extra expenses that can occur outside the little city, such as trips to nearby historic sites or to New York City. Touring information is available for these trips.

After the application process begins, more information will be provided to help you plan for your stay and have the best experience possible.


A harmonious and safe environment
In order to provide a harmonious and safe environment for all, Mariapolis Luminosa requires all families and their members to adhere to the local and “little city” guidelines.

It therefore reserves the right, at any time, to ask participants to leave the grounds as deemed necessary.


To apply or if you have any questions, please send an email request to

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Daily Life

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