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You can follow live transmissions via TV and Internet on 25-26 September 2010.

Chiara Luce Badano (1971-1990) was beatified on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at the Shrine of Our Lady of Divine Love in Rome with the participation of 25,000 people, and celebrations are continuing this weekend. Bishop Maritano, promoter of the cause, said Chiara Luce is “an incredible witness of faith and strength for the youth of today.” And Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, said in 2000: “How much light in her words, in her letters, in her life! She is a model and witness both for young people and adults alike."


But to start off with, who is Chiara Luce Badano?
Chiara Luce Badano was born is Sassello, near Savona (Northwest Italy), on October 29, 1971, to parents who had been trying to have a child for 11 years. Her childhood and adolescence were uneventful: she lived in a loving, united family through which she received a solid Christian education. Read her biography

In view of the beatification of Chiara Luce Badano on 25 September, we are publishing a talk given by Fr Fabio Ciardi which helps us to deepen the ecclesial significance of this event. 
"Who makes the saints?" 

Videos on Chiara Luce Badano

25000 young people were gathered on that day in August 2000, at Flaminio Stadium in Rome. 

Many came to know Chiara Luce there especially through her theme song.


Promotional video prepared by "Youth for a United World" (1'22")












 Writings of Chiara Luce 

Only One Time Exists

In search of Freedom

With the Gospel under our arm

"Whatever you do…"

One more year with Chicca

The Key

Finally I can go to the cinema … or can I?

Goodbye Sassello

To bend but not break

The Geography Exam

After failing the exam

A Crucial Decision

Her soul sang

Truly Yours, Chiara

Interviews and personal testimonies

How much light in this Chiara of ours!
A spiritual message given by Chiara during a worldwide telephone conference call on 9 March 2000

Eighteen years with Luce Badano
The Life of Chiara Badano was a constant "yes" to Jesus, especially throughout her illness. This is an interview with her parents in which they recount the marvellous 18 years lived together with her.

Online media reports

CathNews: Italian teen beatification celebrations this weekend

The Divine Mercy News: Generation X Gets a Blessed
Archdiocese of Denver (Colorado) website: Blessed Chiara Luce Badano, pray for us!
Luce Badano is soon to be proclaimed blessed
Published in the official Vatican news bulletin, the decree recognising a miracle approved by Pope Benedict XVI.

Chiara Luce, 18 years old: a “bright masterpiece”
She proves that it is possible to live Christianity today, and in a heroic way too. The Church confirmed this in a decree approved by the Pope which acknowledges the heroic virtues of Chiara Luce Badano.

Chiara Luce Badano  "Sainthood at the age of 18"
She was beautiful, enterprising, sports-loving, an ordinary young person. Then the unexpected illness: anguish and pain, followed by death. A rapid ascent to heaven. Her cause for beatification is underway.

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