Cittadella Pace

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The little towns, through the life style they promote, can offer new ideas for life in bigger towns and cities. They are models of a new kind of society, whose law is mutual love, the law of the Gospel, with the full communion of cultural spiritual and material goods that this entails. Through the life that circulates, their outreach in the world has remained constant. Each year they have thousands of visitors.


“This place is really nice; maybe we can build our Mariapolis Center here!” Touring Tagaytay in May 1966, Cengia and Silvio had just discovered a spot on top of the hill overlooking Taal Lake. And so… they prayed: “Jesus if it is according to your will, we’d like to ask you for this piece of land for the Mariapolis Center.” Then they took a small medal of our Lady and buried it underground. It was a custom followed in many other parts of the world. Read more

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