(English) A Soul on Fire: a profile of Igino Giordani (1894-1980)

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“Igino Giordani was a giant among 20th century Italian religious and civic writers, with over 100 books and some 4000 published articles. The eminent Dominican theologian, Garrigou-Lagrange OP, acclaimed Giordani as “a master among Italian writers”. Important as his theological writings are, even more important is the story of Giordani’s personal journey to God. Giordani’s true genius is that he imbibed the words of Scripture and the reflections of the patristic writers, treasured their words in his heart, and endeavoured to live them heroically in the ordinary occurrences of daily life: as a soldier on the front line; as a journalist in Fascist Italy; as a parliamentarian; as a husband and father; and in his work with the Focolare Movement building unity especially in ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue.

Giordani witnessed to the fact that, by loving in each present moment, any lay person can transform their day into a liturgy and their human existence into a divine activity. I see Christ in my neighbour; I unite myself with him in the name of Christ, and Christ sits in our midst.”

With the process of Giordani’s beatification underway it is most timely that this biography is made available in English. A valuable addition to this translation are expanded footnotes which give the historical context to persons or events which, whilst well known in continental Europe, are largely unknown in the Anglo-Celtic world.

The author of the book, Tommaso Sorgi, is the foremost expert on the thought and life of Igino Giordani having published, aside from a number of essays and articles about him, the biography “Giordani, Segno di Tempi Nuovi” (1994) and “Un’anima di Fuoco” (2003) of which this volume is its English translation.”

— Keith Linard, MTheol (JPII Inst, Melbourne)

Paperback: 144 pages
Language: English (translation by Margaret Linard)
Publisher: Focolare Movement
ISBN-13: 978-0975025215

Copies available from the Focolare Movement’s Igino Giordani Centre

Email: info@iginogiordani.info

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