(English) Living a Spirituality of Unity in the United States

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Authors: Tom Masters, Amy Uelmen

“So, what do you do?” is a question many people ask members of ecclesial movements such as the Focolare. Thomas Masters and Amy Uelmen answer the question by sharing the stories of a diverse array of individuals – children, teenagers, young adults, married couples, senior citizens, single men and women, sisters, priests, and bishops – who are part of the Focolare Movement. Each person has been struck by the same profound realization that inspired the Movement’s founder, Chiara Lubich, during the bombardment of Trent in World War II: God is Love.

“The Focolare Movement has brought the Gospel alive for millions across the world, but it is still somewhat better known in Europe than in the United States. Now, this marvelous new book shares the captivating stories of a variety of Americans whose lives have been transformed by an encounter with Christ, who find inspiration in the life of the great Chiara Lubich, and who share their faith and work together in community. This is an inviting, inspiring and invaluable introduction to one of the great new adventures in the Church today.” – James Martin, S.J.

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