(English) Muslims Ask, Christians Answer

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“Interreligious dialogue involves the sensitive asking of questions in order to achieve mutual understanding and respect … Father Troll shows himself to be a faithful Catholic practitioner of dialogue and an outstanding scholar of Islam.”

Rev. James Massa, Former Executive Director, USCCB Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

“Based on his decades-long experience living and teaching among Muslims, Fr. Troll answers questions asked by Muslims about the beliefs and practices of their Christian neighbors. He places each set of questions within the context of contemporary Muslim perceptions, along with their sources in Islamic scripture and traditions. Fr. Troll answers them following orthodox Roman Catholic and traditional Protestant teachings. Muslims Ask, Christians Answer is a must-read for both experts and casual readers alike.

Sandra Toenies Keating, Associate Professor of Theology at Providence College


Orders: http://www.newcitypress.com/muslims-ask-christians-answer.html

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