(English) Roma, Palaeur, 20 March 1983: “Towards a New Humanity”

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Holy Father,

(…) The soul of the New Humanity Movement is the branch of men and women volunteers; their vocation is a total dedication to God without a particular consecration with vows.

Immersed in the world, the most suitable place for their activities, they live the Gospel following the example of the first Christian communities. They wish to emulate their life in this century by being “one heart. and one soul” and, as a consequence, by sharing their material and spiritual goods.

In our world, chilled by materialism and consumerism; impoverished and swerved by hedonism, violence and all existing evils, they try to bring about the fire, the light, the strength and the fullness of life coming from the presence of the Risen Lord. They make every effort, therefore, to see that his presence may shine through them embracing by their daily crosses, they commit themselves through the deepest possible uni¬ty with one another, to generate his presence in homes, hospitals, schools, offices, workshops… everywhere – so that these different ‘worlds’ can be illuminated, guided and supported by him while on their way to renewal (…).

Chiara Lubich

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