(English) In My Neighbor, God

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The wisdom of this collection is remarkable. It is mystical and practical at the same time. Chiara Lubich says, “We can’t go to God alone, but we must go to him with our brothers and sisters, since he is the Father of us all.” Bill Hartnett’s foreword sets up the book beautifully, noting that each aspect of the spirituality of unity insists upon the presence of our neighbor. The neighbor is never an obstacle between the twosome of me and God but a sacred “archway” through whom I come into God’s presence, and through whom God comes to me. Indeed, the neighbor is a necessity if we are to have mutual love, the profound love that is receptive to the grace of unity.

The pages also have a constant presence of Mary as a perfect model of neighborly charity. “Love is only mindful of the beloved – like Mary.” And, “We can’t imagine Mary staring at herself. Mary looks to Jesus.” Each phrase from Lubich offers a new color for the palette you use to love your neighbor, and you’ll find that the book sends you forth with a heart ready to love as Jesus loved.

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