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In 1979, the first women’s Focolare center was opened in Los Angeles, and a year later, the men’s Focolare arrived. Communities of the Ideal have come to life throughout the region, in cities like Madera, San Diego and the Bay Area near San Francisco, Seattle, Montana, Honolulu, as well as Tucson and Phoenix, in Arizona.

The first contacts of the Movement in Hollywood were made in the fall of 1998. Directors, screenwriters, actors and other professionals were fascinated by the spirituality of unity: “This is made for the world of communication”, said Ron Austin, a writer, teacher and producer in Hollywood for over fifty years. They came together for various meetings, trying to understand how to put into practice a Gospel-based spirituality in the competitive world of film making.

For Chiara Lubich’s vision, her effective use of media and the inspiration of her charism in the film industry, the Family Theater Productions of Los Angeles gave Chiara the 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award. The Actor Clarence Gilyard, known for the TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger”, presented the award to her in 2006.

Email: westcoast@focolare.us

Mariapolis Luminosa, Midwest, Westcoast

Parole de vie de novembre 2018

« Si quelqu’un entend ma voix et ouvre la porte, j’entrerai chez lui et je prendrai la cène avec lui et lui avec moi » (Apocalypse 3,20).

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