The Chiara Lubich Center
Maintains the figure of Chiara Lubich, providing access to documents, videos, audio clips.

Chiara Luce Badano – beatified September 25, 2010
A lovely & outgoing girl, in love with God. However, a dramatic change takes place in her life and a rapid ascent towards holiness begins.

The Company Cube

With work being a necessary and important part of our lives, the Company CubeTM is a practical way of remembering the values that create a work environment grounded in mutual respect, concern, and shared responsibility.
Fold It!            Roll It!             Read It!          Live It!             Share It!         Experience It!

Communion and Law
A group of legal professionals committed to exploring how relationships of fraternity may be built among the various actors in legal systems and how this in turn may contribute to a culture in which rights are fully protected and people discover the full potential of human relationships.

Economy of communion (North American Assoc)slide EoC us
Provides information involving entrepreneurs, workers, managers, consumers and financial operators who work toward building and showing a human society where, following the example of the first Christian community in Jerusalem, “no one among them was in need“.

Gen Rosso
International Performing Arts Group born in 1966 in Loppiano (Florence)  from an idea of Chiara Lubich (UNESCO prize winner for Education on Peace) who gave, as a gift , a red drum set to a group of young people in order to communicate through music, values on peace and universal brotherhood,  and to contribute to the realization of a more united world.

Gen Verde
International music group bringing music from different countries with original artistic productions of different cultures.

Igino Giordani – a profile
The Igino Giordani Center was established by Chiara Lubich in 1985 to keep alive the figure of Igino Giordani (1894-1980), writer, journalist, historian, deputy and co-founder of Focolare Movement.

Living City
A full-color, award-winning magazine that promotes the ideals of unity and communion of the Focolare Movement.

Loppiano – Little city of the Focolare Movement, Florence, Italy
“City of Fraternity”
On 13 June 1980, fifteen years after the birth of Loppiano, Chiara Lubich wanted to give the Mariapolis its own law, the same that inspired this original cohabitation at the beginnings as today. Chiara explains the whole city: “Mutual love is the law of all the Focolare Movement. But in the Mariapolis there is more chance to implement it continuously and on a larger scale. Every person you meet every day, is a candidate to live this commandment. Each one must be ready to give his life for you and each person asks you to love them to the extreme measure. (…). God wants, especially in this place a fire of love. “

Mariapolis Ginetta – little city of the Focolare Movement, San Paolo, Brazil
A Center of formation for a culture of unity and brotherhood, accommodating those who want to know and deepen the spirituality of unity and contribute to the dialogue between the movements in the Catholic Church, among Christians of different denominations, believers of the great religions and people, even without a religious conviction, crave fully human values .

Mariapolis Lialittle city of the Focolare Movement, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A small town where one experiences how society can be when the fundamental relationship between its members is mutual love proposed by the Gospel; laboratory, school of fraternity open to all, where one dreams, builds and provides, in the concrete actions of daily life, a foretaste of the united world which comes from life and dialogue among generations, religions and cultures.

Mariapolis Luminosa – little city of the Focolare Movement, USA
Located in Hyde Park, New York. This little city wants to be an example of a society renewed by the Gospel message of unity and is a meeting point for people of different churches and religions who want to work together in building a more united world.

Mariapolis Peace – little city of the Focolare Movement, Philippines
This “Permanent Mariapolis” is a place of dialogue with other religions — whence came the name “Mariapolis Peace.”

NetOne (Italian)

New City Press
The North American publishing house of the Focolare Movement.

New Humanity
The “New Humanity International Association” is a Non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 1987 with the name “International Bureau of Economy and Work”. In 1995 it assumed its current name.
The aim of the association is to contribute to the creation of unity in the human family, respecting the identity of all and promoting the universal spirit of fraternity, as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (art.1).

Politics and policy for unity Politics
Through constant reform in our politics and policies, we are keen to build a world which is united despite its vast diversity – one that will reflect the needs of our time. To develop an approach to politics grounded in what is essentially a spiritual and widely shared idea: unity.

The Schoolmates Project
A project that supports all initiatives to bring unity, overcome divisions between families, between generations, in schools, and in various areas of society, such as  among people of different races, peoples, cultures, backgrounds, trends and beliefs. It places its attention primarily on children and teens, builders of tomorrow’s world.

The Sophia University Institute (SUI) is an academic center for education and research in which life and intellectual inquiry, different cultures and diverse disciplines, meet up in a context permeated by a strong relational dimension.
It is not a university setting composed of contiguous faculties, in the classic sense of the term, but rather a laboratory of interdisciplinary and intercultural experimentation: a novel and trial-blazing experience, therefore, a place of excellence at the service of human and cultural development.

Sportmeet is a worldwide network of sports and people who work in sports. They are men and women of every age, culture, ethnic background, language and religion who see sports as an important and positive reality. They are motivated by the desire to make a contribution through sports to a more united world.

Teens For Unity
Teens of the Focolare united by one goal: to make universal brotherhood a reality by involving many other teenagers in the world.

United World Project
Involving the youth all over the world as they deepen the reality of universal brotherhood.

Word of Life for teens

Youth For A United World, international website
Website of the YFUW Movement, young people from various Christian denominations, different religions and even those without a religious reference: all inflamed protagonists of universal brotherhood.