Teens4Unity – Global Person Project

The Global Person Project is an international camp and mission trip of the Teens4Unity which will take place this summer in Latin America.

 “One city is not enough: aim further, at your country, at everyone’s country, at the world.”

This is the goal that Chiara Lubich gave the Teens4Unity: “To color our cities with ‘love’” until they are all linked throughout the world, so that these cities can be connected and enriched from each other’s culture and values.

This has been our goal for some time now. Back in 2009, the Teens4Unity held a worldwide “SuperCongress.” From every part of the globe they flocked to India.  The subcontinent, with its unique beauty, imparted us to search for the sacred and seek union with God.

So what’s next?

The Global Person Project, This international camp and mission trip will take place this summer in Latin America. The main challenge in this part of the world is to overcome economic inequalities that keep many families from living dignified lives. However, their culture is so rich and the people have much to share, especially their ability to establish deep and brotherly relationships. You can be sure that many new friendships await us! 

 PHASE ZERO –  June 18-22

LET’S COLOR OUR CITY! This Service Week in Chicago is a four-day initiative, involving youth of diverse backgrounds. It will give us the opportunity to be immersed in the social problems right in our own communities where we will be serving. While getting to know each other by working alongside each other, we will learn to overcome barriers of prejudice and foster understanding.



July 14 -21

International Camp at Mariapolis Lia, the Focolare’s little city in southern Argentina. The Teens4Unity from different countries will have the opportunity to get to know each other through workshops and exchange experiences.

With help from experts in intercultural exchange, brotherhood, human rights, and cooperation among peoples, we will prepare for the next and final phase of the mission trip.


July 21-28

Mission Trip.  Teens will break up into groups and fly to other cities and countries in Latin America, where they will put into practice what they have learned from the International Camp by working with other teens from the local communities.  In Buenos Aires, for example, the Teens4Unity created a series of activities called, “Living Buenos Aires,” that has been active for numerous years: visits to social centers, organizing games for children in hospitals, ecological activities, murals to spread the Golden Rule, and more!

In Cordoba, teens will work with the Wichi community, one of the native peoples of Salta (northern Argentina). We will help with activities in rural schools, located in the most inaccessible places of the region. In addition, both in Cordoba and Buenos Aires, we will share moments of interreligious dialogue with Jewish youth. In short, there will be many activities to get to know local people, their culture and traditions!

So what comes after the Global Person Project?

Summer 2014 is only the first step! We will continue to deepen our mutual understanding and host joint projects between all cities of the world, because “one city is not enough!”

Exciting, isn’t it? Registration is now open! Click here.