Run 4 Unity 2017


Hundreds of thousands of teenagers across the globe led a worldwide relay race. Boys and girls from different ethnic groups, cultures and religions race together to bear witness to their commitment to peace and to promote a way to reach this peace : the Golden Rule.

The race was promoted by the Teens for Unity of the Focolare Movement and involved over 100,000 teenagers in various cities from every corner of the globe.


“We can be divided by a wall, but we will always be together for a united world” was the theme of the day for the teens in Calexico, California and Mexicali, Mexico where participants ran on both sides of the border and then came together to share their conviction that we are all brothers and sisters of the same Father.






“After today, I can practice how to live unity”. and “I can practice how to love everyone” were some of the comments of the young participants in Columbus, Ohio, where the Focolare teens collaborated with Run the Race Center and the Peace Builders, aimed at living together the “Golden Rule” while sharing, playing, listening, and laughing, cleaning a park and making sandwiches and distributing them to those in need.








Besides the actual sports events, the teens of Dallas also raised money for a needy community in Mexico by baking and selling cookies during the Run4unity event.








ome of the teens for unity from Los Angeles together with their friends gathered at a Park in Santa Monica. The teens prepared care packages for the homeless that live in the area and walked to Saint Robert’s food pantry where they delivered the packages to be distributed later.





Our teens & young people at Berkley made a change to their community. This one day event consist of shared experiences, games that put their physical endurance in motion in building unity with… everyone, sharing their talents by painting, running and walking in peace, together, through a local park.

The event highlighted an afternoon volunteer service where they had “Sunday Dinner for the homeless.” The participants experienced the joy of sharing their time, of giving and of loving those who are most in need, just as when we whole-heartedly love God and our neighbor. #peace




Echoes from the day in Chicago included: RUN CHICAGO

“All the activities were great, we could see the joy reflected in the smiles of everyone!”

” I learned that winning is not the most important thing, but that together, everything is possible!”

“We could feel the unity like in a real family, without problems and misunderstandings – I didn’t like that the day was so short – could we repeat this Run4unity every 8 days?”

“Today I experienced that united we build peace”

“I learned that working together and being kind to one another is better than winning”




A powerful moment at each event was the “time out” at noon, where everyone pauses for a moment of silent prayer for peace in the world.