Our Impression of Genfest 2018


“During genfest, I saw what a united world looks like. Unity is not some homogeneous utopian paradise. It’s made of people of distinctly different nationalities and individual identities. All these different people of different backgrounds are able to attain this gift of unity by simply loving and sharing in the desire to be one. This is what I observed. It is beautiful to see so many youth who also want to live for this Ideal of unity.”
Age 17

“Genfest has shown me that diversity and understanding is ultimately what brings humanity together.”
Age 19

“My genfest experience is one I can not forget because it really made an impact on me. I noticed since I have been back I have so much more patience and been more positive with my family and friends. I love the idea of spreading positive actions to our neighbors and community and setting an impact on our own cities.”
Age 19

“Everyone was so vibrant, yet so nice and kind. We all came from different countries, different languages, different cultures, but we all shared our excitement and positive energy. Most of all, we shared the hope of a united world. I could see it in the performances, the stories, as well as the conversations I had with people from all over the world.”
Age 25

“I discovered happiness at its finest. Being able to Finally see the world united within each other brought me a sense of joy I couldn’t even describe. To see many different people who all have the same goal, towards unity, gave me the nostalgic image of people from many different races holding hands around the world. During each moment I felt the Lord’s Prayer gradually come to life “..thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Through this experience the influence each person had on me kindled a fire that lightened up my soul. In each day now I try my best to make an attempt towards that unity I experienced. To change my square meter. To go beyond all borders. To be the one to love when no one else can. To be a gen.”
Age 16

“I still think of the warmth and love from the Genfest and I believe it will always stay in my heart. Though loving others, especially in a new environment, is challenging for us, I realized that our Father loves us every one of us, just the way we are. We could be full of imperfections and yet He still gives us the biggest love. I’m thankful for all the things I’ve learned, all the people I’ve met, and every moment of pain and joy at the Genfest.”
Age 18

“I am greatful to say  this genfest of 2018 helped me to grow as a person by showing me how to love everyone….. This experience showed me that a united world is possible if we try all of us whole heartedly nothing is impossible.”
Age 20

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