Pathways for a United World


Pathway of economy, work and communion

from an econo-my to an econom-all

United World Week 2019 will highlight actions and initiatives carried out around the world along this pathway.

It’ll take place June 9 to 16, 2019 @ Mariapolis Luminosa, Hyde Park, New York. For youth ages 18 to 27.

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We live in an inter-connected world. As the third millennium advances, the central role played by the global economy and finance markets becomes clearer and clearer. Many of the problems afflicting our world can be traced back to an unbalanced economic system which values money and power at the expense of the needs of people and our planet.
We dream of a world in which no-one is in need. A world in which everyone has the opportunity to develop to their full human potential, materially and spiritually.
We know the world starts to change when we change ourselves. We recognize that we ourselves can be the prime movers of change.

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