Family Advent Activities

Sometimes we get very busy with all the other Christmas preparations that we tend to forget the reason for the season! Here are some Advent projects and resources for the entire family.

Tree or Thermometer of Love


How these work (all materials included):

  1. Cut out the Cube of Love (or use your own),
  2. Roll it every morning, starting on the first Sunday of Advent,
  3. Paste the side that you rolled on your tree (or do in evening after sharing),
  4. Throughout the day, try to do many acts of love, by remembering to put into practice in a special way the side of the cube that you rolled that morning,
  5. In the evening, share with your family how the day went, keeping a little journal of your experiences.

pdf Download the TREE

pdf Download the THERMOMETER

Nativity Play

The script, scenes and parts for a Nativity play written by Susan Gately

Download the Nativity Play